The Warriors & Sharks had different nights last night



Quite a different tail of the tape between the Warriors who tipped off last night for the first time and the Sharks who just played their 7th game of the year. The Warriors bench was nowhere to be found and that’s because they’re playing mostly D-leaguers you saw getting garbage minutes last season w/o Speights & Ezili. They also didn’t find any rhythm among the 4 Horseman, with everyone seeming a bit flat and Charles Barkley’s #2 Top NBA player Klay Thompson only having 11 points. While Green/KD/Steph went a respectable 18/28/26, they can’t make up 80% of the offense along with Klay every game, so while they lost we found out this is going to take time to figure out and I’d be more worried about the bench play than one of the 4 big names. The reason the Warriors were as good as they were was because if none of the big guns were hot, the bench kept them in the game till one of them got hot (as well as the rest factor). On a positive note, we also found out LaMarcus Aldridge is still trying to find his teammates/rhythm/ball:

On the complete other hand and 45 minutes south in San Jose, the Sharks took on the Ducks who alongside the out of nowhere Oilers/Canucks, will be a harpoon in the side of the team while they go for another Western Conference title. The road to said title last year involved a lot of losing at home, an abnormal amount mind you for a team this good, so it’s great to see the Sharks win even after it was tied up late. More importantly, it’s been tenured parts of the team (Pavelski/Marleau/Burns) that have been able to score late to secure a gritty victory. They may be 4-3, but they’ve played 5 games already on the road and this is now a team that has seen almost everything, knowing they can make it and should make it to a cup. Plus, although he may only have one goal, I like the style and play of $4m man Mikkel Boedker, seems to be taking pressure off other guys on the team.

P.S. Love Vlasic taking a dump on Corey Perry post game winner



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