I am fully behind painfully obvious 3rd Eye Blind in MNF commercials






A+, ESPN, A+.


No really, I thought this was a joke and then it hooked me. I was so inspired by the fact that they sold a plot to a guy who’s not even on my fantasy team with one short ad featuring 3rd Eye Blind. I mean, it all comes back. The random clips of the “non-story” QB battle in Denver on CBS Football pre-game, on Sportscenter, etc. It’s actually compelling to look at now.  Here is this guy, Brock, right? Just a stud, drafted by Elway to be the future.

Then he’s backing up Peyton. No big deal, learn from an all timer. Oh wait, this kinda sucks:


I mean becoming a meme truly sucks but hey, you gotta take your licks behind the Sherrif until the lawman retires or in this first case, via the injuries we all saw coming. Well he got his shot. Then got it taken back blah blah blah but even though I couldn’t give two shits about Brock Osweiler or the Texans, they hooked me. I need to see this game and it’s all because of the beautiful melody and vocals of Mr. Stephen Jenkins of 3rd Eye Blind. That’s the only reason and of course some slick editing on behalf of the WWL.

Is it tacky? Yes. Is it an obvious “Oh the song is kinda describing the scene sort of” scenario? Sure, but because it’s two random things together, it works.

It’s so good, so convincing with the mid-90’s rock that they should do that the rest of the year. Impatient with this idea, I went ahead and made one for Packers vs. Eagles. More 3rd Eye Blind, more figuring out what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers:

Tell me you aren’t hooked by that? What IS wrong with him?! Has he lost a step? Is he the old man now and can’t keep up with the youngsters? Who are his friends in the locker room? Need to find out on Monday Night.


Boom, I’m in.

P.S. I’d hate to be the girl compared to the storyline of a mid-tier QB on an NFL team that sucks. Loses a bit of luster IMO, but hey a paycheck is a paycheck right?

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