Bono can’t help himself: debates Trump via videoboard at concert of millionaires…saves the world again


What in the world would people do if Bono didn’t exist? If it wasn’t for Bono summoning the courage to debate an aged blowhard who’s despised almost universally via a taped clips while catering to an audience of mostly the top 5% of the U.S. population economically, in the most expensive city in the country…what would we do?!

Being an Irish American, of course I’ve got love for Larry Mullen Jr. & the rest of the boys from Dublin. Also, Bono being a whiny and over the top performer should be of no surprise, but piling on Trump and cutting up a montage to one sided debate Trump? That might be the only thing worse than watching Trump/Hilary is Trump/Bono. You wanna make a comment about a guy in the election you can’t vote in? Show a picture of the guy, call him a c*nt or some other Euro insult then roll it into the next track, Rockstar 101 stuff. Don’t lull an audience that’s expecting Rattle & Hum with the McLaughlin Group.

I know that U2 is a politically charged band, for Christ’s sake half their songs are about the British being world class assholes up in Belfast, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. But preaching to this audience, made up of tons and tons of tech millionaires, cashing that check (tickets started a cool G) while being in a city that is considering putting their homeless on an old navy ship because there’s so many, seems a bit disingenuous. You want to make a real impact that doesn’t seem forced or front running? How about addressing the highest income inequality in the nation or the aforementioned homeless that literally are everywhere in San Francisco? Just a thought, because the only next logical step is having Bono shadow box a hologram of Trump on stage. Peak Bono indeed, when all I want him to do is go back to being a dude. Sing your songs, let me enjoy that and if you got a message, make it legit, keep it short and don’t go over the top if you’re already considered a blowhard. #MakeBonoADudeAgain

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