Serial Cat Killer in San Jose Apprehended After #JusticeForOurCatz Squads UP




NBC Bay Area – A San Jose man on Tuesday pleaded guilty to 21 counts of torturing and killing cats.

Robert Farmer originally faced up to 16 years in prison. Details of his plea agreement weren’t immediately known.

Investigators said Farmer was caught on surveillance cameras last year trying to round up on of his alleged victims. The cats were sometimes mutilated and abused, according to investigators.

When police arrested Farmer, they said there was a dead cat in his car. The incident occurred in San Jose’s Cambrian Park neighborhood.

He was hit with additional charges in July.

The new charges stem from missing cats, and DNA of those cats allegedly found in Farmer’s car and clothing. The prosecutor called it the Jane Doe approach, where a body has not been found, but DNA links a suspect to a missing person who is presumed dead.

Listen, I’m not a huge cat guy, always been a dog guy. Certainly dated a few women over the years that have cats and I can tell you the one thing I remember is that they loved their cats, almost to an irrational point. I mean what other type of pet owner would put up with a most of the time mangy, doesn’t-care-about-you type animal that sneaks around all the time for sometimes more than 15 years? Cat people.

Now obviously anybody that abuses/kills/tortures animals is fucked up in the head and I’m not gonna give this guy a pass. 20+ cats? Yeah you are probably not the best person to walking around the streets. That being said, these Cat people’s reaction and movement is just a little too much. I’m happy you got your guy and pressed the city to prosecute him to the fullest, truly am. Having a pet killed or stolen has gotta be traumatic, but in a pretty divided and contentious time in our country, if #CatLivesMatter your hill to fall on, so be it. That being said their Facebook page is utterly ridiculous:


And I wish that last one was not a joke, but it’s not and unfortunately GoGo was murdered too. While I get the grief, there are literally thousands of other causes these days to worry about or put time into other than this. I mean, you rallied a few others to make sure a low life who killed your cat gets a maximum sentence? Okay, fair enough, but maybe let’s keep it to an e-mail chain? The last thing I’d do is join a public movement to seek justice for cats. We’re not protesting the School of the Americas or the murder Trayvon Martin….no we’re marching for Mr. Bigglesworth, who ate the food you left out and hung out in your backyard. Let’s ease up on the rhetoric for a hot minute and realize that even though this guy is a monster, you probably could have still gotten a guilty verdict without the ridiculous ribbons. And yeah, even this asshole gets a lawyer because this is America…not fantasy Cat world.

P.S. The most wildcard person in that group photo is the lady not holding her cat victim’s picture. If she’s just there because #CatLivesMatter is her A#1 priority….look out. That’s a cat lady just looking for an excuse to get violent over her love of cats.

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