Another heckler takes down Rory before important putt, succeeds. #TeamUSA clean sweeps morning of Day 1 and where we should play our next Ryder Cup



First time Team USA has ever clean swept the morning and we’re letting our rookies play the afternoon. What a start for Team USA who takes the big first step in getting the cup back by basically making it an even playing field with our boys needing 14 and 1/2 to win now. We saw great team pairing made by Captain Davis Love III aka DE3 with the Americans shooting a combined -11 under on the back 9 this morning which is pretty great considering our teams only play 26 holes while the Euros were only -3 by comparison.

However, I think the real difference here is that we’re playing in Minnesota. No chance TeamEurope knows what the hell agreed to. Minnesota is one of those states that can turn Peak USA when called upon, just a bunch of scratch golfers with beer bellies giving those slick Europeans some down home American gamesmanship.

My only hope is that we can start turning the Ryder cup into a real homefield advantage. Like playing the Celtics in the old Garden or playing Mexico at the Azteca, we should start picking golf clubs where we get the proletariat of the 50 states in the gallery. I’m thinking a semi-private club in a dump of a city, where they turn a blind eye to jeans and you have to bring your own pencil for your score card. Real Happy Gilmore type shit because who does it better than us. Or how about Rocky Point in beautiful Tampa?


Sounds perfect.

P.S. It def also helps to have the King helping whisper putts into the cup from the afterlife:

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