Heckler chirps Justin Rose warming up, buries putt after being called out by Team Europe. Celebrates Justin Leonard 1999 Ryder Cup style.


Love it, coming out of the gallery…in loafers and jeans, gas station sunglasses on his eyes and nails the 10 footer with left to right break. Not a good sign for the usually dominant Team Europe, especially when 2nd in command Tiger can just pull ole Davey Johnson and his Aeropostale loafers out of the gallery to halve a hole. Just great strength, guts and clutchness by Dave Johnson, everything we celebrate in America. Only thing I’ll say is that I feel awful for his golfing buddies because they are never gonna hear the end of it. Although, if I’m his friends, I just call him Justin Leonard for that reaction. Unintentional Ryder Cup goosebumps seeing Davey’s celly.

P.S. Love him just shrugging off Rory. It’s a ten foot putt, not a ton of advice needed here bud.

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