The Dawg Knight Rises: Bearded old dude in Sec. 139 breaks his own curse, saves Giants’ season. #EvenYearBackOn




Okay, so who is The Dawg and why is this catch important?


Aside from looking like the Grateful Dead roadie version of Ron Perlman, The Dawg had been a mainstay and ticket holder in Sec. 139 for years, beloved by fans and even Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow. And while he may be adored by some, he’s loathed by others as evidence by some MLB Message Board commenters:


(Remember that part in green)



So a couple years ago, he got the boot from the front row for leaning over and snagging a Marco Scutaro (there’s a name) fly out to the track. Here’s what happened (and here’s the video):

Way back on May 12, the Giants were 22-15, sitting in first place in the National League West. They were up 5-0 on the Atlanta Braves when this happened.

That glove blatantly reaching over the wall and taking an obvious out away from Justin Upton? That’s the Dawg. Interference was called, and the batter, Marco Scutaro, was awarded a double (not sure how he wasn’t called out, but that’s beside the point).

The Dawg was ejected from the game, such is the Giants no-tolerance policy for fan interference. But then, at the Giants next home game, the Giants told the Dawg he could no longer take his front-row seat. He would have to sit further back in the section, to ensure a repeat would not occur.

The Dawg was not having that, and has yet to return sense. Since then, the Giants are 23-40. Ryan Vogelsong broke his hand the very next home game, then Angel Pagan strained his hamstring a few days later. Over the next month, Santiago Casilla and Pablo Sandoval also saw time on the disabled list. – Nick Burton 7/26/13

Now obviously, the Giants won in 2014 as it was an even year. Yet this year?

The Giants were one of the best teams in the 1st half of the season as they went 57-33 and the “even year” talk quickly began. Yet since the All-Star break, going into tonight they are 27-41, holding onto the last Wild Card position behind the Mets by a 1/2 game with the Cardinals nipping at their heals 1 game out. Wildcard West, your rest of the way is so freaking tight and the teams in question are so hot/cold on a series to series basis that this feels like the end of saying, “It’s an Even Year, don’t worry. They’ll win in October.”

Enter The Dawg. When the Giants needed it most, and his haters thought it least, he returned. In Glory, as Buster Posey gets his 1,000 hit and the Giants score 10+ runs for only the 4th time since June 30th. Truly the Dawg Knight Rises happened tonight and saved the season. There was renewed faith in the team that maybe the Giants could be heating up at the last second. All because of some crotchety old stoner. Zero shits given at all times.  He got his moment…


…And with minimum wage in San Francisco going up to $15.00 in 2022, The Dawg is gonna get some action and that’s why he’s The Dawg. Not Zach Hample or Marlins Man. No, he’s The Dawg:




P.S. MLB message board commenters have gotta actually go outside, maybe catch a game for Christ’s sake. That one dude had like 10,000 posts. I tweet a lot sure, but good God, that much time about baseball? Big red flag.

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