Apparently 30 Oakland/Richmond/other police officers slept with an underage prostitute, who now has escaped rehab.

ABC 7 News – Celeste says she was 16 when she had sex with her first officer, an Oakland cop, who was her mother’s friend.

“And he would tell me, he be like, ‘Hurry up and turn, hurry up and turn 18,'” she said. “But I talked him into it. I feel guilty because he was trying to do the right thing.”

Celeste tells me two more OPD officers had sex with her when she was underage, as did a Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputy. She says the officers told their friends.

Celeste: “I would get texts, you know.”
Dan: “Saying what?”
Celeste: “Yeah, ‘I’m an Oakland cop, too.’ And straight up, they just be like, ‘My friend blah blah blah told me about you.'”
Dan: “And you would meet after that?”
Celeste: “Yeah.”

Celeste says she slept with “more than 30” in all — street cops, sergeants, captains, even a police dog handler.

“So I wanted to meet his canine, he did,” she said. “There’s this one time we did it in the car and he had his canine watching us from the backseat.”

Here’s how the police sex scandal is spreading. According to Celeste, it involves: 16 officers from the Oakland Police Department, 6 Richmond police officers, 4 Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, 3 San Francisco cops, 1 Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputy, 1 Livermore cop, 1 police officer from the U.S. Military’s Defense Logistics Agency, who contacted Celeste after the scandal erupted.

A lot of stuff to digest here but some wild, wild stuff happening in the East Bay. A lot has been coming out about Ms. Guap (which means money apparently) and these dirty cops, yet for whatever reason, major outlets haven’t picked up on it nor has more action happened because of it. For instance, the above video and separate interview are from June. Or the fact that not every one of these cops have been arrested or fired for solicitation/sex with a minor. No, only 4 were fired and 7 have been suspended.

The real troubling part, aside from a whole department who is already a shitshow in the law enforcement community for any number of problems the past few years, passing around an underage prostitute, who is this US Military guy who contact her AFTER the scandal erupted? How desperate/insane is this guy? Of all the girls to go after, let alone prostitutes, you decide to go after the one at the center of a police corruption/underage sex scandal? That’s like hitting up your crazy ex girlfriend that you’re in town multiplied by close to a billion. It has to be one of the more INsane moves by a horny guy, up there with whatever Anthony Weiner has done lately. Now granted, all guys have said, “Hey you should drop (insert loose woman’s name) a line, she’s game,” to another guy at some point, but besides the moral issue, they passed her information:

Celeste: “Three out of all the 30 paid me.”
Dan: “Only three out of the 30.”
Celeste: “Yeah, yeah.”
Dan: “Why did you have sex with the other ones who didn’t pay you?”
Celeste: “I don’t know, I just look at them like information. Their perks become your perks, you know.”

Celeste showed me texts in which officers appear to tip her off to police operations. One exchange from this past March with a cop she nicknamed “Superman” reads, “Want some advice?” Celeste answered, “Tell me handsome.” The response was, “Stay off E14 from Fruitvale to 42 tonight. There’s a uc (or undercover) operation.”

Celeste also tells me on at least 10 occasions, officers provided police reports or inside information on criminal cases for her and her friends.

And now, she’s trying to protect those officers, by refusing to turn over their names.

And now, she’s on the kind of on the loose. Biting/trying to screw dudes there to help her turn her life around:

So congratulations, OPD. You have created another scandal and absolute monster in a prostitute who without question will get in trouble or create another scandal with the officers she didn’t disclose the names to. Those guys are corrupted and all she or someone connected to her can do to pull that string at any point, is say “Remember that time…” Not a good look overall, and I’m not just talking about how Celeste looks her mugshot above. Again, this chick must have been unbelievable to hook up with because from here, there’s about 1,000 reasons not to stick your loaf in the oven. The worst person affected by all this? The K9 who was forced watch a live sex show. That’s demoralizing.

P.S. Have to say, I will say this comment from Celeste made me depressed:

“I’m going (to) rehab,” Guap said to Haaziq via text.

That simple and clear text message appeared on his phone from Celeste Guap on Monday.

Haaziq asked what she is being rehabilitated from.

She wrote, “Substance abuse and after that…sex addiction.” – KRON4

That’s like getting in trouble at school and then going home and getting grounded by your folks. Brutal.

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