Was Porn Star Mia Khalifa part of Jimbo Fisher’s plan against Ole Miss?



Some say that the Devil’s greatest trick was convincing people he didn’t exist. Well, this could be Jimbo’s biggest trick ever if this was his idea. Back in my days, we used to “poke” the goalie on the team my college (THE Saint Anselm College Hawks) was playing that week. A little poke the siv/sieve. Jimbo could not have come up with this plan but if he did, it was flawless. I’m actually surprised more people don’t do this, maybe because it’s “amateur” sports and it’s frowned upon. Seemed like it does the trick, you tell me if this doesn’t sound too far fetched:

A reinvigorated Ole Miss. A QB with a history of stealing the show, turn up against his Seminoles for the first game of the year. Jimbo remembers Mia from the Crab Leg days and calls in a favor:

Jimbo: “Yeah ugh, hi, this is Jimbo Fisher. Coach over at FSU. Is this Maya?”

Mia: “Yes, this is ME-ugh. And yes, I know who you are, it came up on the caller ID. What’s up Coach?”

Jimbo: “Great! Great! Just dandy. Ahhh, say listen ya to do me a favor if you can. Can you do that?”

Mia: “Ahhh sure, Coach what is it?”

Jimbo: “Yeah ahhhh, I need you to slide into this Chad Kelly’s DMs or whatever that means. We’re starting a Freshman on Monday night and I need all the help I can get. You think you can do that, kinda play with the boy’s head a bit?”

Mia: “Say no more. I gotchu.”

Doesn’t seem that far fetched, does it? A cocky QB trying to take the other town’s hot chick? Or just the idea of the “Honeypot.” Seen it a million times, right? Exactly. No way Jimbo could do that and even if he did, no way he makes that call or even agrees to the idea. Coaches hate distractions and this is a capital D distraction. You know what coaches also love? Winning, and that’s why I think Jimbo Fisher and his Seminoles just pulled the Statue of Liberty to mushroom stamp the SEC’s awful first weekend and make them a lock Final Four pick early this season. The mastermind hiding in plain sight as Jimbo Kint. Brilliant. Here he is leaving Orlando back to Tallahassee.


P.S. Me when this theory came into my head:

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