Bay Area Getting Its 1st Dunkin’ Donuts (plus the top 5 guilty pleasures of Dunks)




“It’s finally here! Bay Area residents lined up early Wednesday morning for the grand opening of the area’s first Dunkin’ Donuts in Walnut Creek, which included a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring food and beverage samples and special giveaways. And this is just the beginning of a Dunkin’ Donuts empire in the Bay Area; Over the next eight years, there are plans to open a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Contra Costa County, with additional locations in San Ramon and Brentwood. // 1250 Newell Ave. (Walnut Creek)” – 7×

Wow. It’s finally happened. Finally, I can go to an actual cheap coffee place without carrying the stigma or 12 oz. of a McDonald’s iced coffee. Sure Starbucks isn’t really that expensive and most people in the city will go to some artisanal coffee house, but they more than likely already have a Keurig or some bullshit already in their home/office. Essentially, there isn’t a place where you can get a cheap coffee or cheap bagel outside of a Noah’s Bagels which are few and far between out here. And it’s not a coffee place.

More importantly, there’s an over-proliferation of Starbucks in the Bay Area, where you have wayyyy too many Dunkin Donuts types mixing with Starbucks types. The CEO getting her macchiato may also be in line behind the the homeless guy who’s been playing solitaire for a week straight on a computer from 1998 at the same table. That’s why there’s Dunkin Donuts, we’re a blue state/red state country and Dunks may as well be the lunch pale guy of coffee. They’re gonna give you a 40 oz. coffee and you’re gonna drink it all day and it’s gonna be great. I need that back in my life and I need no glares when I order the coffee that big. You ever seen anyone order a Trenta at Starbucks? I bet not and if you have I bet that person was visually-shamed by the rest of the line. I guess Dunks is just my guilty pleasure, but it’s also a guilty pleasure food stop. You’re at the airport early and nobody is around? Goddamn right I’m getting a pile of tasty garbage from Dunks. Which ones you ask?

Quick Power Ranking of my Guilty Pleasures at Dunks:

5) Texas Toast Sandwich with Bacon


Pro: You don’t have to be drunk to make it & 22g of Protein.

Con: 52% of your daily fat ingestion.

4) Strawberry Frosted Donut


Pro: They’re fucking delicious.

Con: You look like a child or Al Powell eating one.

3) Glazed Chocolate Stick


Pro: Actually quite tasty, not too chocolatey and has an easier grip.

Con: It looks like you’re eating a dong.

2) XL Ice Coffee with Caramel


Pro: Gives you a HUGE cup with a lot of ZIP to get you through the day.

Con: You’ll end up leaving it in your car and it will get hot and then you have to buy a new one. Again, not a huge con.

1) Munchkins


Pro: Finger food, don’t have to eat a whole donut, can share with other people.

Con: People will ask for one and you’ll get stuck with only plain original munchkins. Stay woke, people. Eat your glazed ones as soon as you pay for them.

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