The 49ers Are No Longer A Dumpster Fire…They’re A Towering Inferno

49ers brass

Let me start by saying this isn’t a blog about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem. If you wanted to get a white guy’s opinion on this matter, there’s any number of guys who can offer a misguided, semi-guided or well informed opinion on that but that’s up to you. A real choose your own adventure of talking heads to find someone who aligns with your opinion. Personally, I’d lean towards that of someone like Stan Verrett:

In 5 day span that also saw Joey Bosa get signed by the Chargers, the Raiders doing some good will, and young QB’s winning starting left and right, the 49ers are well….a mess. But how did it come to this? Sure after such a dominant era that featured Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Terrell Owens (check the stats) and many, many others, the Niners were due for a lull period. When did this rapid decline happen in the past few years?

In this century, the 49ers are 6-5 in the playoffs and 123-132-1. That’s pretty mediocre, but after the Superbowl loss are 25-23 only winning 5 last year. Where does the blame lie? Not only that, but how did the once proud base get surpassed by the Raiders in prestige to the join the basement-dwelling with the A’s as far as least successful teams in the Bay? Could it be the fact that in the same time period the Warriors, Giants, Sharks have all seen title appearances? Maybe, I had to be asked to leave a Niners Superbowl party a few years ago because someone’s girlfriend said the Bay was the new title town and I screamed at her for a solid 26 count, but my homerism aside, let’s look at the 49er’s brass.

Let’s start with GM Trent Baalke. Besides having a suspicious rise to power starting as a scout for the Jets to becoming the General Manager of the garbage fire in Santa Clara, his teams during the time from have been, meh at best going 86-89 with one Superbowl loss.  Now, as someone whose job it is really know the players of his organization, I can say he has had some great players come through in Frank Gore, Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis. But to borrow a phrase from my favorite college coach Rick Pitino, they aren’t walking back through that door. In recent years, he’s had players young and older retire, but more importantly put together a rapsheet between 2012-2015 longer than my Christmas list.

Yet the big mistake is clashing/running out Harbaugh and Kaepernick’s fall from grace. There’s a ton of egg his face for this. From older fans who just want the DeBartolo days back to young fans who just saw the coach who was going to replace the early memories of the 90’s get the boot. They need a real GM to bring in a real team, but with Chip at the wheel, who knows. However, Kap was the key to another trophy and you took away the one guy who could the harness his talent and ability. Over personnel decisions. And Replaced him. With Jim Tomsula. Who knows if Colin will even play another game as there’s talk he’s going to get cut, because Football Guys hate distractions.

But who pulls Trent’s strings? Why that would be Commodus himself, Jed York. The Yorks took over ownership from Eddie DeBartolo Jr. in 2000 and have been “Iceberg, dead ahead” for 16 odd years now. Let’s start with this gem:

“(Jed) York began his working days as a financial analyst for Guggenheim Partners at their New York City offices but left after approximately a year.[1] After he quit his first job, York’s parents brought him into their family owned team, the San Francisco 49ers, as the Director of Strategic Planning[1] and later promoted their son to Vice President of Strategic Planning.” – Wiki Jed York

Going from a financial analyst to a Director of anything is such a hogwash career leap, so once you understand that this is only really his 2nd job out of school, everything makes more sense. Whether it be hiring shady cops, pissing off the community and building a stadium that blinds pilots, scorches fans, is rapidly losing season ticket holders, Jed’s found a way to piss off everyone. Most importantly, he let his own ego run out the best coach they’d had in a long time before his time had come. I guess congratulations on hosting the Super Bowl, but even he found a way to dick over his own fanbase there. The sheet on ways he’s fucked up is longer than the arrest record of the players he’s paid.

Yet, you know what’s the most damning? How about the fact that ownership didn’t notice that Kaerpernick didn’t stand during the first two pre-season games (he wasn’t dressed but sat) and a simple visit to his Twitter would show you that this possibly was coming. MAYBE a good team management move would have been to have a friendly chat and figure out the best way to express his message or even be aware of it before being blindsided by it. That’s just a reflection of how bad the 49ers brass is, they didn’t see it coming because they had so many other fires (that they started) to put out. Kap could stay. Kap could go, but it won’t surprise me not if but when that happens and the last real reminder of a Super Bowl will be gone, leaving these two idiots at the wheel.

Good luck with Chip!


P.S. How about my best friend Jerry Rice?

#ThatMomentWhen the greatest #NFL receiver of all time tells you that it was "a great tee box read." #BonesOnTheBag

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