San Jose Police Score Big with “Gangs Of Thrones” Bust


ABC7 – Community members in San Jose’s Little Saigon neighborhood believe the streets are a little safer.

“I’m happy, at least something’s happening, and I hope this still keeps on going to get all these people out,” said San Jose resident George Roxas.

There is relief over the arrests of 24 people, a third of them women, all in connection to what police are calling Operation Gang of Thrones.

“I’m thankful that they got these people,” Roxas said.

A criminal conspiracy case, 34 search warrants were served Tuesday in multiple cities in the South Bay, as well as Anaheim, and Louisiana. Police are still searching for five other people.

“I do support the policemen in terms of this initiative, in terms of what they’re doing, in terms of getting all the gang members out. And I’m very grateful that that has happened,” said San Jose resident Dat Huynh.


This is kind of a big win for the San Jose Police Department as lately they have not been so hot. From their officers being so overworked that they have to sleep in the parking lot to their cadets leaving their academy for other cities, it hasn’t been a good few years for the SJPD. However, all is not lost this week as the boys in blue swooped in on Little Saigon in San Jose to bust some ass. Personally, I’ve never been to Little Saigon but if you enjoy Pho or your caramel macchiato served to you by a girl in a bikini, this is your spot.

Coffee aside, SJPD was able to put together what looks like a big time case against this gang whose charges include: assault, extortion, narcotics, book making, illegal gambling and public corruption. Quite the rap sheet, but why the name for the operation? Perhaps to create some buzz with a name? Sure, but with 1/3 arrestees being women, I think you can see why:










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